detroit, stories from a city in free fall


Detroit, has been in decline now for thirty years now. Its population has been halved and the people left behind are mostly poor and demoralised. One third of them live below the poverty line and total unemployment runs at 22%. Though those people are trapped there is a minority who stay out of choice – because it is their home. Detroit is a bankrupt city with no hope of addressing the problems of it’s distressed neighbourhoods. Everyday people and families are being evicted and more and more homeless are filling the streets.

With the economy still going down the situation worsens in the empty and burned down neighbourhoods where people are struggling. For many the words spoken by president Obama gives new hope to a better future. For now everyone is holding it’s breath and trying to overcome this world crisis that struck this once famous industrial automotive city the hardest of all. Stories from a city in free fall.


United States of America 2009